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This option should only be used if you have a small number of pages and/or your site does not fit within any of the packages. To benefit from the cost savings of the package pricing, just determine your total anticipated final page count.

Hourly Rates: Minimum charge is 1 hour, additional time billed in qtr. hours.
NOTE: Information and prices are subject to change without notice.

Standard HTML Pages
Discussion Group - not included under maintenance
Guestbook - not included under maintenance
GIF/JPEG Images/Photos - not hyperlinked
Java Applets - license fees, if any, additional
Audio/Sound Files - must be provided in correct format
Additional Text Links
Additional Image Links - not thumbnails
Forms (pages)
Additional Form - up to 10 fields
Additional Fields - over 10
Field Validations - simple
Field Calculations/Complex Field Validations
Search Form - 1 field
Thumbnails - images linked to larger versions
Browser generated pages
Custom pages created to match site pages
Downloadable Files - Word©/Excel©/PowerPoint©/PDFs
Files/Documents - application file as provided by client
Files/Documents - compressed into zip format
PowerPoint© File Conversions
PowerPoint© Files - PPT generated html pages/no modifications
PowerPoint© Files - converted to match site pages
Programming Services - per hour
Database Programming - ASP (VBScript/SQL)
JavaScript/DHTML Special Effects
Graphic Services - per hour
Images/Photos - Touchups/Cleanups/Modifications
Custom Logos/Banners/Backgrounds/Navigation Buttons
Site Publishing - per hour
FTP Uploading - Non FP Enabled Servers
Publishing/Configuration Problems - FrontPage© 2000 Enabled Servers
Site Maintenance - Additional 6 months
Bronze Package
Silver Package
Gold Package
Platinum Package
Miscellaneous Services - per hour
Non-Listed Items/Services

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